Who is this nanvan?

Nanda E. Rust


nanvan is a nickname I was given after a combination of 2 things about me, can you guess what it is? I’ll tell you when we meet. This is my site and it shows just a wee bit of what I do. Costume and set design, urban art, murals, professional portraits of people, kids, inner working of businesses. Oh and weddings, fashion, expired film, humans in love, and I guess anything that tickles my fancy from an artistic point of view. I also show a bit of my travels and some film development. Producing short films, writing short stories, drawing and painting, and creating useful gadgets is also a pastime of mine. I like to get my hands dirty and in-there to get the job done.

I am not a traditional-style photographer. I capture a reaction to life, not a reaction to me or the lens. I want to photograph a moment, capture a feeling, a thought or an emotion in time. You might capture me shooting from the hip. I will click the shutter button when you least expect it, that’s just how I roll.

I prefer to shoot outdoors, I use the light streaming through trees or hidden in the sunlit shadows. Inside I play with reflections from the sun cascading through windows or holes in the wall. I deliver images that document an event and convey the spirit of the individual or experience involved. I carry a camera with me no-matter where I go, I am that person who has photographs of everything and everybody.

While art and photography is a true joy of mine, I also enjoy gardening, riding my bike and playing sports. Although, I am probably the least competitive person you’d ever meet. I’d rather relish in the joy of seeing someone else win. This is true.

I’m a giddy mother of two awesome children, a little rescue dog and happily married to the best man I ever met. Let’s do a project together, want to? I do.