Who is this nanvan?

Nanda E. Rust


nanvan is a nickname I was given after a combination of 2 things about me, can you guess what it is? This is my site and it shows just a bit of what I do. Architecture, urban professional portraits, kids, projects and weddings, fashion, experiments, humans in love, and I guess anything that tickles my fancy. I also show a bit of my travels and some film development. Producing short films, writing books and painting is also a pastime of mine- I will admit I have been known to get quite artsy from time to time.

I am a Photographer—and a Lover of Life.

I have kept every camera I have ever owned, except for 2, the stories are yours to hear if you’re interested. I have 28 different varieties and use them all for different projects. Shooting digital is what I do most frequently but film and even expired film has a special place in my heart. I seek it out and will happily shoot with it as often as I can. Do you have any you’d like to share? Let’s do a project together, want to?

You might capture me shooting from the hip.

I am not a traditional-style photographer. I capture a reaction to life, not a reaction to me or my lens. I want to photograph a moment, capture a feeling, a thought or an emotion in time. I will probably click the shutter button when you least expect it, that’s just how I roll. I love my job and the ability I have been given to make people feel through photographs.

I probably won’t use a flash, natural light photography is my style.

I prefer to shoot outdoors, I use the light streaming through trees or hide in the sunlit shadows. Inside I play with reflections from the sun cascading through windows or holes in the wall. I deliver images that document an event and convey the spirit of the individual or experience involved. I carry a camera with me no-matter where I go, I am that person who has photographs of everything and everybody.

I feel very lucky.

When it comes to the memories you get through photographs, it’s a wonderful thing. Capturing those moments is amazing. It makes me happy to make you happy. I am a whiz at Lightroom and Photoshop and am able to make albums that will overshadow any coffee table book you’ve ever seen. This is my specialty and it brings the story to life. I’m also a giddy mother of two awesome children, a dog and a cat and happily married to the best man I ever met. I-didn’t-know-how-happy-I-could-be. Isn’t life great?

Nanda E. Rust

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