Ohhhh. #flynnthedog ❤️  #readingisherlife  Making summer stretchy slime while Flynn (the dog) and Hendricks (the fish) keep us company. ♥️ (btw: Do you all know about #bootstrapcompost? If you garden, or care about the environment like we do you should!)  #Flynnthedog  #readingisherlife
 If you look closely we’re all present. ❤️  Only when I’m jumping do I block my nose.  Yes it’s the yummy size of his head. (Just don’t look at his nails)  @johnspizzachelseama
 Ahh. Summer!  True friends never leave. 🤜🤛  #readingisherlife
 Here they look alike. #readingisherlife @wojoboston recognize Jane’s shirt? 🦖 3 years going strong, thank you @joliefrontiero  ☀️  Goodbye. Remember what I said. #unclejoe @makphoto_van_travels #vanlife