Oh just hanging out with Flynn’s friend Flash. Teaching her how to play off-leash at the local park next. 🦓  Don’t let their lack of enthusiasm fool you, they are giddy about the prospect.  #ZombieArmyGuy #HarlyQuinn  On se sent très français aujourd’hui.
    You can lie down in a restaurant when you’re 8.  Happiness is having a friend who works at a woodworking shop.
 Happy 12th birthday to our wonderful Jane! #readingisherlife  Another awesome reason to have a dog- Friends with dogs immediately trust you and ask to take care of their dog while they’re away. Hooray!  This handsome llama looked like Grandpa (my father) Jane said. She was all happy about it until she got a whiff of his breath.
 I thought it was better to show the children with 2 total strangers dressed to the 9’s rather than the ill attempt of @itsmarcrust and I being a hamburger and a fox/wolf/thing.  There she is.    eee.