Holy 14 years!     #hellochelsea   Midsummer 2013 @itsmarcrust and I painted several utility boxes in our little city (this, as an old wooden radio showcasing w/ City Manager Jay Ash). We received a grant to complete the task which we maintain yearly.
 One of the reasons I married you @itsmarcrust. Happy Birthday!   Hello ladies.  Good morning Chelsea! #hellochelsea
 We hit @savers_thrift for a needed Daniel Boone outfit. #Pimp_or_Boone    The 1st year with 2 decent school pictures is worth sharing.
 He told Gina, his hairdresser, he wanted his hair to look like this kid from @tocaboca ✅  I’ll admit it took a while to get them to agree to this one.   Flynn shows you her best multitasking technique with one ear on Marc downstairs, and eyes and one ear on me. 🥰  Happy Easter y’all. (No my father isn’t Sonny Bono and my mother isn’t me.) 🤯