Road trip!  ❤️ Last days of summer lovin’ with our dearest.  So very lucky to be part of this woman’s softball league. Every year I count the days to play with these wonderful ladies. Thanks for another magical season! #goblue #DD  ❤️
 Luke says one of the coolest things about his new school is that he has a locker. (And that he can fit into it)  Do you think our pets purposely do things to make us happy? ❤️ (I do) #flynnthedog  Marc took the children to Six Flags today in the scorching heat and had a total blast. I happily stayed away from the heat and roller coasters and had a total blast!
 Aaand the obligatory first day of school photo taken two minutes before we head into their new school! 6th grade for Jane and 3rd for Luke.  #readingisherlife and sometimes his.     Back in time.
 Yea baby! Being a Rust rules!! Feeling lucky to sweat it out walking miles and miles of antique awesomeness with one of the best bff’s a girl could ask for. @wojoboston   The children and I painted rocks and will be leaving them randomly around places for people to find. Hopefully to make someone happy.  Some serious rain this weekend in Boston, make sure to wear your slicker!