My indoor winter garden. ♥️  Cough cough. #fiat500  Top secret illusionist show for the kiddos. We put them in the row in front of us so we could pretend we were on a super dorky date.   Working from home is beautiful. @jennifer_nelson_artists
 He showed up to dinner like this.  Meet you in Minecraft...   I happily received the worlds cuddliest and warmest slippers for Christmas. They have now become Luke’s floor pillow.  @sarararurust  When their French grandmother stays with us the kids share a bed in absolute glee. #motherinlawproblems
 My forehead is equally large it’s just hidden by warm fuzzy faux fur.  We made it to midnight! @nofzilla @itsmarcrust @jane_rusty ❤️ (minus 2 sleepy little ones)   Happy freakin’ holiday. #capsforsale  Luke wants to go swimming on his 8th birthday? Ok!
 Movie night! #brrrr  Happy 2018 from our cutie to yours.  #readingisherlife during Christmas break too.   Don’t call her cute. #motherinlawproblems