“You guys, lay down on that pile of rocks so I can take your photo.”   Make the bed you lazy bum!   I found Flynn reflecting about the upcoming year.  If the children argue too much, I make them hug. I get to decide how long depending how annoying they were. Can you guess who loves the punishment? And who tolerates it?
 Couldn’t do it without them, that’s for sure. 🤜❤️🤛  #readingisherlife (not his, I have to bribe him)  That’s our city!  Who can smile and be on their way to the dentist? They can! (Not really Flynn, she just kept us company) #hirshbergdental
 Just the way I like to be woken up on a Saturday morning.  Meet our pet lizard with no name... The kid’s science teacher begged us to take him 3 years ago over the summer break. He said “it won’t live more than 3 months” ❤️ He’s super cool and going strong! (the lizard, not the science teacher)  Merry Christmas Eve y’all! ❤️  Mother of the year.
 Waaaaittttt, staaaaaay..... Ok! 🦴 #flynnthedog  #readingisherlife   Swappin’ spit with #imomsohard Kristin, Jen and of course Joanne! Thanks for the laughs, VIP’s and drinking my Red Hot.   The super cool thing is that he still holds my hand.