Stranded. ❄️  Don’t worry, I gave her a treat after she turned her head so cutely at the request.  At home. #readingisherlife  Have a great day
 Almost there. 🦃  That’s right, she’s a teenager.  Hey Luke can you go near those flowers so I can take your photo?   Happiness is.
 “Help me prep the garden for winter, and THEN you can play Minecraft... *together*.” 🥰    These are the reasons I love my 12 y/o.... She asked me if I wanted a snack, I said sure! How about an apple with peanut butter? It took waaaay longer than expected — Then she came in with this. Knowing I like my apple sliced thinly, she meticulously sliced the apple into individual little bites and stuck them into this adoring bowl of Teddy peanut butter. Ohhhh it was so delicious. Mostly, because the main ingredient was l o v e. Ahhh.   Rooftop rendezvous.
 They looked at the same-time AND we didn’t go into the Private Property area? Is the world upside down?  #hellochelsea  Anyone expecting a delivery of cuteness? ‍♀️ (thanks @nofzilla !)  Oh what a night! @anthonylgatti   ❤️ The only other day I let her skip school was when she got a really bad haircut. #globalclimatestrike #fridaysforfuture