They’re not in an argument, just refusing to look at me.   We are selling our beloved single-family home in Chelsea (which is just 10 minutes from Boston) This 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, super cool kitchen, secret garden, walking distance to area yummy restaurants, green spaces (dog parks too!) and public transportation could possibly be yours! (That’s one longgg sentence) And if you refer a friend for a successful sale we’re offering a lovely surprise. Please check out the link in my IG bio.  We’re having an open house this Saturday and Sunday. Come on over and bring yer friends and arms for hugs.   Happy 10th birthday to this big beautiful boy of ours!! 🥳  They looked at the same-time AND we didn’t go into the Private Property area? Is the world upside down?  #hellochelsea
 Yummy little frog-legged doggo.  Even on the kitchen counter. #readingisherlife  Stranded. ❄️  Don’t worry, I gave her a treat after she turned her head so cutely at the request.
 #readingisherlife in the art room.    Almost there. 🦃  That’s right, she’s a teenager.
 I didn’t realize they had matching coats until this commuting cuddle time.   Sustainable decorating this year with these homemade garlands with ingredients I had in the house. They’re tough enough to be reused again and again, and thennn into the compost it goes!   “Help me prep the garden for winter, and THEN you can play Minecraft... *together*.” 🥰