Make the bed you lazy bum!   I found Flynn reflecting about the upcoming year.  If the children argue too much, I make them hug. I get to decide how long depending how annoying they were. Can you guess who loves the punishment? And who tolerates it?  No matter where we go. #readingisherlife
 #readingisherlife (not his, I have to bribe him)  That’s our city!  Who can smile and be on their way to the dentist? They can! (Not really Flynn, she just kept us company) #hirshbergdental  Here’s the cool thing- you can help save lives and send a postcard to your representative by going to If you love anyone, including yourself, it’s worth asking for a background check before people purchase guns. I mean really, it only makes sense doesn’t it? Go do it now, 30 seconds is all it took. I just did it. ❤️Oh, and get out your tissues and watch this if you want to learn more:: @toms
 Meet our pet lizard with no name... The kid’s science teacher begged us to take him 3 years ago over the summer break. He said “it won’t live more than 3 months” ❤️ He’s super cool and going strong! (the lizard, not the science teacher)  Merry Christmas Eve y’all! ❤️  Mother of the year.  It’s been a while I’ve captured her. #readingisherlife
 #readingisherlife   Swappin’ spit with #imomsohard Kristin, Jen and of course Joanne! Thanks for the laughs, VIP’s and drinking my Red Hot.   The super cool thing is that he still holds my hand.  When the need to expel gas arises, she knows to exit the room appropriately. ⛽️ (posted w/ her permission)