nanda e. rust is a creative and independent photographer.

nanda e. rust nanvan

Nanda has a deep understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity, love and inclusion.

nanvan is a nickname a childhood friend gave me after realizing ½ of my first name and ½ of my (maiden) last name made a clever rhyme. I doubt this was intentional by my folks, but it’s quite lovely and I absolutely adore it.

"I am not a traditional-style photographer as I don't pose or direct an emotion. I rather wait, get to understand the moment and then capture the event, the experience or the making. I choose not to get a reaction to me or my lens, rather a reaction to life. I love my job. I will probably click the shutter button when you least expect it. That’s just how I roll."

I deliver documentary-style photographs of people and businesses following their passion. This includes portrait and "brand storytelling" photography. Coming to your place of work, taking portraits of employees, shooting the culture of business and important detail shots from a fly-on-the-wall perspective. This is also achieved for personal portfolio sessions with afternoon strolls getting to know each other, what makes you feel your absolute best in a photograph. I might ask you to stand in the middle of the busy street, lie down on the grass or lean casually against a brick wall… it depends on how we feel, and what needs to happen to get an amazing shot. Looking forward to meeting you and getting this done.

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